“The only thing that is constant is change.”


Akenberg is a Swedish design house set out to create sophisticated hand-crafted accessories with a strong Scandinavian design and edgy details using the finest materials.

Based in Sweden, we take pride in our design of timeless quality using predominantly sustainable materials that turn into new products for modern, forward thinking and environmentally conscious individuals. Through our design we want to explore how we form our opinions, our relationships and ourselves when change is the only constant in life.

Contemporary, perceptive, intriguing — akenberg products add an extra layer to your individual everyday look. Our vision is to make every individual feel strong, special and unique.

Our philosophy takes a holistic approach rooted in the Swedish nature, a unique and infinite source of inspiration. Operating in the forefront, every piece is designed in Swedish Lapland with quality, authenticity and sustainability in mind. We take pride in working only with the very best manufacturers in their respective field that share our view and engage in sustainable practices.

As such, design is a constantly evolving process, and a natural part of modern life. Having a holistic approach to business gives us the ability to bring real change in how akenberg is managed, how our customers relate to us and to each other, and how we as humans thrive together in a world where innovation still can be rewarded without exploiting our shared resources.

We believe that in the light of now, the only thing that is constant is change.


AnnKathrin Lundqvist and Jenny Olsson