Are Expensive Designer Sunglasses Worth the Hype?

When it comes to sunglasses, you’ve probably faced the age-old dilemma: are those expensive designer shades worth the hefty price tag? With countless options available, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons of splurging on premium eyewear. In this blog post, we’ll dive deep into the world of designer sunglasses, explore their benefits, and help you decide whether they are worth the hype.

  1. **UV Protection: A Closer Look:**

– One of the primary considerations when purchasing sunglasses is UV protection. Designer sunglasses often use high-quality lens materials and coatings that enhance your visual experience.

– However, it’s important to note that both premium and low-cost sunglasses can provide adequate UV ray protection. Even less expensive options can offer the same level of protection.

– What sets designer sunglasses apart is the durability of their coatings. Cheaper sunglasses may lack scratch-resistant lenses, leading to diminished quality over time.

  1. **Polarization and Durability:**

– Polarized sunglasses are excellent for reducing glare, but their quality can vary. Inexpensive options may have polarizing coatings that are less durable, prone to distortion, scratches, and warping.

– High-end sunglasses typically integrate these coatings into the lens material, ensuring longevity and durability.

  1. **Prescription and Functionality:**

– Designer sunglasses often offer the option for prescription lenses, providing clear vision in the sun while maintaining style.

– Additional features and functions, tailored to outdoor activities, can be found in premium sunglasses. Brands like Akenberg offer ZEISS precision optics for enhanced outdoor experiences, guaranteeing full UV protection and clear vision.

  1. **Frame Quality and Sustainability:**

– Beyond the lenses, frame quality is a crucial aspect of expensive sunglasses. These frames should be flexible enough to be taken apart and reassembled, ensuring long-lasting use.

– Sustainable production and environmental responsibility are also key factors. At Akenberg, for example, they commit to sustainable design, eco-friendly packaging, and climate-compensated shipping. They even plant a tree for every online order, showing dedication to the environment and a better future.

  1. **The Bottom Line:**

– In the world of sunglasses, you genuinely get what you pay for. Expensive designer sunglasses come with superior materials, longer-lasting coatings, and the promise of clear, stylish vision.

– The price tag of premium eyewear should not only reflect fashion but also functionality and sustainability, ensuring that your investment contributes to a better world.


Are expensive designer sunglasses worth the hype? The answer depends on what you value most in your sunglasses. While more affordable options can provide adequate protection, designer shades offer a superior experience in terms of UV protection, clarity, durability, and style. Moreover, premium eyewear often aligns with sustainability goals, giving you a sense of purpose with your purchase.

So, when you decide to invest in a pair of high-quality, designer sunglasses, you’re not only making a fashion statement but also supporting a commitment to the environment and a brighter future. Ultimately, it’s worth considering the full package that comes with those designer frames, beyond the price tag.