The story of Ahkka

The frame named Ahkka is inspired by a massif in the Stora Sjöfallet National Park in northern Sweden.

Warm, considerate, and always close to laughter – Ahkka is an elderly woman and a Goddess in one. Like a queen bee she is essential to the neighbourhood. Even though, Ahkka has never felt the need to stand in the spotlight. No, her energy comes from giving to others. When needed, she can easily channel her mental powers into physical abilities, like a lioness watching over her flock.

Growing up near by the Stora Sjöfallet National Park, where the great waterfalls were amongst the most powerful and visually striking in Europe, she has made a strong bond with Mother Nature. Trying her wings, yet in the Arctic world, she settled down in Kvikkjokk with her extensive family.

Ahkka has another motive for staying here, called the Lapland rosebay. As the herbalist and beekeeper she is, nurturing this rare plant gives her great satisfaction. It is her way to contribute in building a sustainable society.