Blue business

Go monochrome with blue on blue

50 shades of blue. Blue as the ocean, blue as the midnight. This quiet yet powerful king of elegant colours symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence and intelligence.

Blue is perhaps the easiest colour to integrate into your wardrobe. This winter, blue holds court and can, for instance, be seen on dressy pants and sporty jackets, sharp-cut suits, evening dresses, and in the form of separates and accessories.

Blue on blue creates a bold statement. Opt for a monochrome outfit but mix material and hues to make it more interesting – from quite, subdued bluestone via poppy galaxy blue to deep evening blue that almost turns to black.

In addition, complete your look with a pair of statement frames. Check out Jokkfall in Deep lake, and the colourway Upstream dream available both on Ahkka and Suobbat that instantly will look cool and chic!