Coral for spring

Let colour show the way this season. The warmth of coral will make your looks stylish in a flash of an eye.

Vivid and animating, the life-affirming coral energises and enlivens any outfit. By matching with a great frame you’re all set for hearty meetings and fun-filled activities.

This light-hearted hue makes room for personality, as it can vary from a light peachy nuance with a hint of pink, to a bolder, more intense orange. It can be matched with a variety of colours, from neutrals such as white, teal and light grey, to gold and aqua that really pops.

Here are three suggestions to how you can style your outfit with the vivid colour, together with Kallax in Drop of resin, Skaulo in Natural leather + Unpolished silver, and Tärendö in Skinny dipping.