Spring greens

The spring of 2020, the strong colours of verdure takes its rightful place on the fashion scene.

The most important trend that will shape the new decade is of course sustainability, and our strong commitment to green living. And what motives symbolize our passion for nature more than influences from Mother Earth?

We see tropical jungle, animal patterns and tonal progressing from Biscay green and neon to the dark, rich and herbaceous shade of chive.

To us, the natural, green and soft mossy shades of the forest are so inspiring right now.

Why not accentuate your spring look with a pair of sunglasses that pick up on the green hues.

For instance, our frames Skaulo Field of moss, Kallax Oh that meadow and Tärendö Sea crest meadow are all inspired by the colour green – together with our newest releases Ahkka och Suobbat in the enchanting nuance we call Forest prince.