Our commitments

The world is constantly changing, with new discoveries and challenges for us to handle. As a company, we need to take an active part in this ever-changing world and pave the way in our mission.

At Akenberg we work hard to be a brand that our customers and other stakeholders can trust. We strive to be a fair and reliable partner in a long-term relationship, based on mutual trust and well-being. Our philosophy takes a holistic approach rooted in the Swedish nature, a unique and infinite source of inspiration. Operating in the forefront, every piece is designed in Luleå with quality, authenticity and sustainability in mind.

Sustainability is a natural part of everything we do, and we are firm believers in products that last both in terms of design, as well as quality. From start to finish, we make every effort to minimize waste. We are proud to say that 100 percent of our products are made in Europe. Not only does it reduce environmentally hazardous emissions due to shipping and transports, it also shortens our lead times. What’s more, it makes it easier for us to visit our factories regularly, and to stay in control of our complete line of production.

All our partners; manufacturers, suppliers, craftsmen, trading agents and subcontractors are expected to work in line with all our requirements. We take pride in working closely with the very best in their respective field that share our values and engage in sustainable practices. Our close relationship facilitates a better communication and collaboration, which in turn ensures us of always being able to deliver top quality to our customers.

As such, design is a constantly evolving process, and a natural part of modern life. Having a holistic approach to business gives us the ability to bring real change in how Akenberg is managed, how our customers relate to us and to each other, and how we as human thrive together in a world where innovation still can be rewarded without exploiting our shared resources.