The power of pastels

Summer is here and this time of year we want to max our outfits with colours. One of the hottest trends right now are pastels. Some people might consider pastel colours bland, even boring. On the contrary, if you’d ask us. Pastels are versatile and adaptable to any outfit and occasion, whether you want to look fresh and flirty, elegant and cool, or playful and pretty.

These lighter shades not only enhance the summer feeling, they will also give you endless styling options. They can be mixed and matched with other soft hues, or worn as a highlight to black. May we introduce you to these fabulous designs to go with your style?

Skaulo Willowherbs by the anthill
Skaulo Heather by the mountain lake
Tärendö Willowherb candy
Jokkfall Crowberry twist

sunglasses on wood deck