The story of
Boden and Luleå

Let us introduce you to Luleå and Boden – locals in Lapland and very much in love. The bond between them is like the arches of the bridge of Bergnäsbron, linking the Lule River with the archipelago and the city with the wilderness. This is also where they met. Coming from separate sides of the river, they are quite opposite. But even though, Luleå and Boden are as thick as thieves. Like pencil and paper, inseparable. And so, they have been, ever since the day their joint story began, back when they were still young.

This couple is relieved when the snow comes in the beginning of winter, quiet, soft and slow, like a comfy blanket, wrapping its arms around them. But then again, in the summertime, when the sun never sets, the light gives them energy and a chance to gather their relatives for a traditional family reunion. For Luleå and Boden, every season has its charm.

To truly know who you are, you must also know your origin. That’s why Luleå and Boden play such an important role for younger generations. Cause today’s teenagers are no different from past generations. We all have our hopes and dreams, our issues and challenges. We’re all linked to the past in some way. And we all find our way forward, through bridges and seasons, new love and love never forgotten. Thanks to the legacy from Luleå and Boden, younger generations will go out discovering the world with confidence, pride and humbleness. And the Lule River will continue linking the urban and the wild, through seasons and generations, humble, yet strong.