Production and material

All of our products are handmade, environmentally friendly and fairly produced using predominantly sustainable material. Our frames are made of high-quality cellulose acetate produced by a company in Varese, Italy, that has been family-run for six generations. Their team of product developers and experts work with passion and mastery to give life to our creations.

The blocks of cellulose acetate are handed over to our factory in Greece, also a small-scale family business, where the frames are produced with high standards by hand from scratch. All processes and treatments are done in-house, in order to guarantee the very best quality.

The lenses are delivered to the factory in Greece as well. We have chosen to work with the optics company Carl Zeiss in Germany, simply because they operate in the very fore-front of optics. All of our models are fitted with Carl Zeiss Vision Sunglass lenses category 3, CE-certified with full UV-protection and superior optical performance.

The final polishing process of the frames is done by hand in eight steps. Finally, each frame is checked in an effective quality control to ensure that it meets our expectation of quality and perfection before leaving the craftsmen’s hands.

Our leather accessories are produced in the small village of Sattajärvi, Sweden, by a company with a long and solid history. The family company started already in 1929 and make their leather products from Scandinavian reindeers. Experts in tanning in the most environment-friendly method, they have succeeded in creating a sustainable concept that does not harm the nature in any way throughout the process, and is sustainable also for the staff and consumer.