Care guides

We design for life. Even so, accessories and sunglasses designed to last a lifetime, require some tender love and care to live up to their promise. Investing in wardrobe pieces is not just about buying less and buying better, we also need to think beyond the point of purchase.

In order to keep your Akenberg products in great condition, we recommend that you treat them gently following these simple pointers.

Frame care

Cleaning and Maintenance

Clean your frames regularly, using luke warm water and soap. Avoid all types of solvents, such as window detergent, or alcohol as this might risk miscolouring them.

Do not use dirty or abrasive cloths when cleaning the lenses, as it could alter the features of the filters. Instead, use the specialised microfibre optical cloth that comes with the sunglasses.


Store your sunglasses in their case when you’re not using them, to keep them from getting bent or scratched.

Use both hands to take them off, and never place them lens down on a surface.

Avoid leaving your sunglasses in hot temperatures, such as directly in the sun or on the dashboard in the car, as the heat may cause them to lose their shape.

Wearing your sunglasses on the hair looks stylish, we know. However we recommend that you do not push the sunglasses up and leave them to rest on your head as it may stretch out the bows.

From time to time, check that the screws aren’t loose. If they are, tighten them gently with a small screwdriver or visit your optician. An optician can also help you with a sunglasses fitting, to make sure your frames fits your face perfectly.

Remember, if you follow handle your frames with love and care, they will keep you company for many years to come.

Leather care

Cleaning and Maintenance

Clean your leather goods continuously using a damp cloth and leather soap. This will prevent from staining and wearing, as well as keep the leather soft and smooth. Wipe off any residue with a clean damp cloth.

After cleaning it is important to moisturize the leather. We recommend using a leather care balm or leather protection cream in a neutral colour. Apply the balm using a lint free cloth, leave it to sink in for a couple of hours then wipe off any excess.


To preserve your leather goods in the best possible condition, clean and moisturize them at least twice a year.

When not in use, store them properly, ideally in a dust bag or a cotton pillowcase in a cool place.

Keep away from direct sunlight, to avoid the leather from becoming desiccated and dull.

Remember, if you take proper care of your leather goods, they will keep you company for a lifetime and only become more beautiful with time.

Porcelain jewellery care

Cleaning and Maintenance

Porcelain is best treated like gemstone or shell jewellery. Use a mild soap and lukewarm water with a soft brush, sponge or damp cloth. Avoid all types of alcohol, solvents or steel wool as this might risk scratching or miscolouring the glazed surface. Dry and polish with a soft towel or cloth.


Remove any jewellery while sleeping, exercising, showering and swimming. Apply perfume before wearing.

Store your porcelain clay jewellery in the included eco-friendly jewellery box or other closed hard case to prevent from tarnishing and scratches, and to avoid the ear threads from getting bent.

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