May we suggest a splash of colour or two?

Fresh and unexpected colour combinations is a great way to adapt to a new season. This year, the spring palette screams colour and all hues are on the agenda, from bold primary colours to vibrant pastels.

One of the biggest trends is colour blocking, which means combining contrasting colours for an interesting look. Experiment and dare to try new combinations.

Choose colours where one shade is strong and sassy and the other sweet and light for a perfect spring look 2021. Or just go crazy and combine whatever you like the best. Why not pink and burgundy, or blue and green, or perhaps the playful combo grey and lime?

Give the garments in your wardrobe new playmates, and forget about unwritten rules. Add a pair of matching sunglasses and you’re good to go! Our take on colour blocking can be seen on several of our designs.


Pink and burgundy =
a winning combination