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The story of Skaulo

The frame named Skaulo is inspired by the small village in Gällivare Municipality, Sweden.

Say hello to Skaulo, a modern-day entrepreneurial soul with a taste for subcultures and grub from all over the world.

Some people stay in their neighbourhood their whole life. Skaulo isn’t one of them. Grew up in Sápmi, where not even one single high-rise building blocks the view from the heights. Still, drawn to the big city pulse. Loves to move around, discovering new cultures and places, interconnecting with people from all over the world.

Woman wearing Skaulo sunglasses, field, outdoor

Equally scary and exciting was the day Skaulo decided to follow through on the childhood dream – starting a business working full-time as a media producer. Being an early adopter with a go-getting attitude, very successful and in it for the long run.

Skaulo prefers not to be defined by a gender, because that’s not central to their identity. The style, however, is; classic, androgynous, and with a perfect fit. But then again, who wouldn’t.