Spice it up

Embracing the Hottest Colors of 2023.

For autumn 2023, the colors Viva Magenta, Tender Peach, Yellow, Rose Violet, Red Orange and Red Dahlia has firmly established itself as a trendsetter. Its presence is unmissable, gracing the runways, urban streets, and interior spaces over the past few months.

While we adore the lively shades of high visibility and carnival glass, we’re eagerly anticipating the transition into richer, joyful tones as we move deeper into the vibrant autumn season.

This autumn, limitless colors are making waves in numerous captivating shades, both in the realms of fashion and interior design. We’re particularly drawn to the spiced-up tones of amber, mustard, saffron, burnt clay, and ochre. These hues strike a harmonious balance, offering a palette reminiscent of the autumnal beauty that season changes bring.

At our brand, we’re passionate about infusing colors into our handcrafted sunglasses. Consider our Tärendö Willowherb candy, where the interplay between the red dahlia hue and pink elements strikes the perfect equilibrium between warmth and coolness. Alternatively, explore our Kallax Drop of Resin, where the fusion of burnt resin hues creates a bold and confident look. No matter which frame you choose or how you assemble your outfit, it’s sure to make a stylish statement.

The color yellow, orange and red is undoubtedly having its moment in 2023, and we’re excited to see how it will continue to shape the worlds of fashion and interior design in the coming months.

woman wearing cat's eye Akenberg frame
man and woman wearing Akenberg sunglasses