Spice it up

One of this year’s top trend colours is yellow. Its presence has been undeniable on runways, in the streets and at beaches the past months.

Although we love the bright canary, the acid lemon and the creamy butter yellow, we can’t wait for the sun-drenched summer looks to fully transition into deeper and warmer shades.

This season, the colour yellow will be seen in many rich nuances, both in fashion and interior design. For instance, we love the spiced-up tones of amber, mustard, saffron and ochre. Not too bright, not too dull. In other words, a colour palette which is quite autumnal but then again, that’s the beauty of seasonal changes, right?

Our take on this are our frames Skaulo Natural leather + Unpolished silver where the tones of leather and metal creates a perfect balance between cold and warm, and Kallax Drop of resin and Tärendö in colourway A drop of resin in the night where the interplay between the burned resin and black creates a bold and confident look. No matter which frame you chose and how you put together your outfit, it will definitely be a stylish statement.