The power of all-black dressing

In the brightest season, we choose the darkest colour.

Bright colours, floral prints, and sheer fabrics – we love everything about this season. Nevertheless, for that timeless summer look, we love the colour black.

Black might not be the obvious choice when it comes to summer dressing. Still, this unexpected addition to your summer wardrobe will make you look confident and fresh – even on a hot day.

woman wearing summer black and sunglasses
woman holding sunglasses wearing all black

Dressed in this shade from top to toe will instantly deliver a dramatic style statement and help you to easily create looks that are elegant, interesting, and cool, while keeping that perfect balance between subtleness and sexiness.

Extremely wearable, an all-black outfit is flattering and works as well at the beach and after dark, as for an afternoon stroll in town or a dinner party.

Man wearing summerblack and sunglasses in the desert
Woman wearing summer black and sunglasses

To make your monochrome black look even more interesting, think about balance and details. Here are a few quick styling tips:

Choose an interesting silhouette and high quality.
During warmer months, pick airy fabrics and avoid high collars and long tight sleeves.

Play with different textures and material.
Create interesting combinations and visually exciting looks by mixing lustrous surfaces with mattes, pair a knitted garment with smooth leather, or add elements like lace or layers.

Opt for understated pieces during the day and choose handcrafted accessories at night, such as a black leather, silver or gold jewelry and a confident attitude. Finish off with a pair of high-quality sunglasses.

That said, if you’re ready to commit to the all-black look, discover our collection of covetable sunglasses in summer’s most dependable shade. From our butterfly shaped Tärendö A drop of resin in the night over to our aviator model Kallax Midnight black and retro styled Skaulo Frost on the black pavement, Suobbat Winter moon and Ahkka Winter moon, we’ve got the perfect shades to complete your all black outfit.