The story of Jokkfall

The frame named Jokkfall is inspired by the largest waterfall in the Kalix River, Swedish Lapland.

Looks can be deceiving. It certainly is in Jokkfall’s case. But for this very stylish grand-mother, mother, partner and publicist, age is nothing but a number. Her age doesn’t define her, it’s just really not relevant to her.

Although growing up next to the free-flowing waterfall of the Kalix River, and with the wilderness at her backyard, Jokkfall has always been drawn to the energy and the pulse of the big city. She is at her happiest when visiting the bustling New York City, where she refuels her energy in a most creative and exciting space.

Strong-willed, even as a child, Jokkfall has never accepted the box that society tries to put her in. When people are pushing back, Jokkfall takes a new step. Regret is not in her vocabulary. She likes to think about her style as a medium through which she can communicate her thoughts and ideas. Clothes helps her experiment with different selves. After all, aren’t we all the sum of several alter egos?