village and water photo by Johannes Plenio

The story of Tärendö

The frame named Tärendö is inspired by the small village in Pajala municipality, Norrbotten.

The story of Tärendö begins in the Pajala municipality, in an area boasting of nature’s marvels. Growing up close the Kalix River, Tärendö was at an early age inspired by the rugged mountains and the ice-cold waters. Becoming an architect wasn’t a choice, it was a calling.

Tärendö belongs to the new wave of Swedish designers. Being a strong-willed individualist with ambition and a taste for deconstruction, it fits the role perfectly. Much of her inspiration comes from around here – and from the 50’s, an era when the local dance hall was a gathering point where everyone met, danced and fell in love.

Understandably, Tärendö has a thing for dressing sharp and for setting own fashion rules. And just like you and I, wanting to look, feel and do good.