The story of

The case named Uumaa is inspired by the small village in Övertorneå municipality, Tornedalen.

Who is Uumaa? He’s someone that cares deeply of his family, yet enjoys the freedom the later adulthood offers. He gets happy and he gets angry. An entirely common uncommon person. Just like the rest of us. If it wasn’t for his survival skills.

Uumaa is one of those guys who has spent practically his whole life outdoors. Having studied glaciology and ecology, he has hundreds of words for snow. He can build a wilderness survival shelter from scratch, call on wild moose, and make a gourmet dinner out of local weeds, lichen and roots.

Uumaa has high ambitions and aspirations for his community, and challenges himself to be a lifelong learner. Yet, he enjoys sitting in his wing chair by the fireplace. Uumaa cheers for his home team to kick the challengers’ butts at the local football derby. And while he’s over 55 years old, he loves sleeping in and laughs out loud at stupid jokes. Just like the rest of us.