“The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change.”

Contemporary, perceptive, intriguing — Akenberg products add an extra layer to your individual everyday look. Our vision is to make every individual feel strong, special and unique.

We do not want to design unnecessary objects. Each designed product must have a given place, which is why we have chosen to design products that has a function and a purpose and stand out from the mainstream. Each model is therefore produced in limited edition to bring true value and handicraft into your life.

Our design team always proceed from the simplistic and clean Scandinavian lines, creating sunglasses for every occasion and season. We think of them as accessories for a lifetime that will allow you to easily transform your look even with only a small capsule wardrobe at hand.

Our philosophy takes a holistic approach rooted in the Swedish nature, a unique and infinite source of inspiration. We take pride in our design of timeless quality for modern, forward thinking and environmentally conscious individuals. Through our design we want to explore how we form our opinions, our relationships and ourselves when change is the only constant in life.

As such, design is a constantly evolving process, and a natural part of modern life.