Production and material

When it comes to material, we do not compromise on quality or sustainability. It is a natural part of our brand essence. All of our products are handmade, environmentally friendly and fairly produced using sustainable material. Our products are CE certified with Eurl certification or Form A. We follow European standards of protection with respect to EU legislation. Our products are also FDA registered and apply to all the quality tests and materials for frames and lenses.

Our frames are made of high-quality cellulose acetate and bio-acetate produced by a company in Varese, Italy, that has been family-run for six generations. Their team of product developers and experts work with passion and mastery to give life to our creations.

Cellulose acetate is a natural polymer generally made from wood pulp. Not only is it a strong, light-weight and flexible material, being a natural-based non-petroleum plastic, it does not harm the environment. Bio-acetate is the next generation cellulose acetate. Made from wood pulp and natural-based plasticiser, it is completely phthalate free, renewable and biodegradable. The dyeing of the bio-acetate is also biological, while still preserving the unique character of this all-natural material.

For the sunglass lenses, we have chosen to work with the company Carl Zeiss, headquartered in Castiglione Olona, Italy, simply because they operate in the very fore-front of optics. All of our models are fitted with Carl Zeiss Vision Sunglass lenses with full UV-protection and superior optical performance. The lenses are made from organic material (Carl Zeiss CR-39), which is recyclable and has a long lifespan thanks to the scratch resistant coating.

The blocks of acetate and the lenses are handed over to our factory in Athens, Greece, that is also family-run. The frames are carefully cut from the blocks of acetate and made by hand, making each pair unique. All processes and treatments are done in-house with the highest standards and techniques in order to guarantee the very best quality.

Before the frames leave the craftsmen’s hands after the final polishing process which takes several weeks, and where the final step is done by hand, each frame is checked in an effective quality control to ensure that it meets our expectation of quality and perfection.

Our leather accessories are produced in the small village of Sattajärvi, Sweden, by a company with a long and solid history. The family-run business started already in 1929 and make their leather products from Scandinavian reindeer, moose and cow. Experts in tanning in the most environment-friendly method, they have succeeded in creating a sustainable concept that does not harm the nature in any way throughout the process, and is sustainable also for the staff and consumer. For instance, the tanning procedure of our leather cases is done using tanning agents from trees with high tannin content, not causing deforestation or pollution.