Småskär & Risön

The porcelain clay studs named Småskär and Risön are inspired by two islands in the Luleå archipelago.

The two sisters, inseparable since childhood yet with such contrasting personalities. While Småskär is the typical big sister, responsible, determined and ambitious, Risön is her smart charming younger sibling, always craving for attention and love. However, looking at them, you can tell they are sisters.

The dynamics between the two sisters are unique. Growing up, they didn’t always get along, but they’ve learned to love and to live with each other, and to care for each other’s interests and needs.

Every winter since childhood, when the ice settled in the Luleå archipelago, the two sisters had skied across the frozen water to their family cabin on one of the islands. Passing the islets, where the round-shaped stones had been covered with frozen snow, and heading for the pack ice, they felt free, liberated in the snow-covered vastness.

And in the summertime, the skies were traded in for kayaks; Småskär and Risön have always loved being close to the water. Their true element – in frozen or fluid form. Shop Risön and Småskär.